Material Culture: Clasp

This is a lovely anthropomorphic clasp from the Early La Tène with the suggested date of 5th century BCE.

It is listed as a “garb cloak” and “celtic clasp with a human head (mask fibula) from a grave in Holderstüdeli.”  The site it was found is in Switzerland.

Size is listed as 4.2 cm.

Credit for the item goes to the Archiv Archäologie BL.

Source for the item was found here.

Screenshot 2019-08-28 18.00.48

Update and Finds

I’ve been up to plenty of reading and sewing and crafting but precious little logging of my activities.  I went to my first Pennsic recently and man was it both a great time and a massive pain in my ass.  I do not summer.  Just about every image of me I am a puffy and swollen mess (sun allergy, yay!) but I did manage a single image before the Bacchanal Party while visiting Rome and enjoying some “Greek Fire” mead that was lovely.



I’ll be teaching my first class on Epona for Battle on the Bay in the coming weeks.  I made a nice connection with the Ring Tribe which is filled with Iron Age Celtic people from all over that I am pretty excited about.

I had been meaning to start posting little blurbs on artifact I particularly like and a nice way to remind me to “Learn how to make this thing and stop going crazy looking for specific items in your forest of pdfs.”