Period and Persona: Figuring It Out Part 3

As much as I love Roman history, decidedly I going to be working with a more continent Celtic aesthetic.  However, for the sake of having a larger scope for primary sources when submitting information for a name or finding documentation to enter into contests I feel that I need to stick close to a period of time where Roman contact occurred and occupation was immanent.

I thought that I would have pinned my time and location to 1st century CE, “French” Gaul but more and more and I feeling a pull towards 1st century BC Alpine region.  I am personally and originally from a mountain and valley region so this ties in to who am I am in real life.  The Alpine region has a great deal of contact from Roman and Greek people which makes it a great melting pot of cultures.  Seeing as the Celtic people in that region did not have their own written language, they did make use of both Latin and Greek scripts.  This gives me a decent pull of information to gather from.

Rhaetia/Raetia is I am still dabbling with and I think it’s a great place to lay my persona.  it’s very similar to my last name, so if I decide to get a geographical name as a last name (and a herald will accept the documentation for the use of a GN in a PN for Gaulish onomastics) then all the better!  However, this area became a Roman province in the middle of the 1st Century BC which brings back my period by 100 years.  Thankfully, that’s not a massive jump and my current garb and accessories still fits the period.

Additionally this places me into the Iron Age period for the Balkans and Central Europe which is totally my jam. A bonus is the silver jewelry found in the region.  I don’t wear warm toned jewelry and have had to wear some for lack of availability in reproduction goods.  However, silver is something found and confirmed in use for this period and location: I AM FREE TO SILVER IT UP.  As a result, for the holidays I treated myself to a simple silver torc.  No more green neck!


While it’s visually smaller than I had hoped, it does fit the smaller and simple torcs for a larger period of time and areas (twisted wire with small, domed terminals).  It’s not perfect as it clearly was designed to be more of a choker than to lie on the collar bones, but it’s silver and won’t require upkeep for me.  I’ve been wearing it mundanely to see how comfortable is it and I have to say it’s stellar.

Up next: A lot of talk about onomastics and name selection.

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